A Premiere Multicultural  In-person, Online Classical Music Program this season we are excited to be an in-person program and offer online virtual clinics

July 5th 2021- July 30th 2021



"Our goal at Four Strings Academy is to provide first-class training and education to students without regard to race or socioeconomic status. Our program has gone above and beyond in recent years, ensuring that our students not only received a high-class experience but also learned life lessons that have helped them maneuver through challenging situations.

"It is my belief that this program is very unique in that manner.  We strive for innovation, to impact, and to introduce new musical artists to the world. While we have reconfigured this year's session to a virtual/remote platform, our commitment this year is no different We are preparing to take you to the next level!"

Marcus Hurt, Artistic Director

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July 1, 2020.   

For more information on program content, schedule, and fees, please visit our PROGRAMS page.


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