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Our Vision is to provide music training to all levels of young aspiring musicians throughout New England.



FSA provides a space for musicians to engage in an environment that spans beyond race and socioeconomic status. To focus on industry musical development.



Four Strings Academy uses the Four Strings of the Violin, EADG to anchor its approach.


What We Believe In

Excellence:        Because anything that should be done, should be done well.


Acuity:                Because we believe in sharpness of mind and focus


Diligence:          Because we believe in practicing not just to get it right but until we can no  longer get it wrong


Graciousness:   Regardless of how well we play our instruments, we still have to be encouraged to interact in a wholesome fashion    

                             with others.





Four Strings Academy provides a space and an opportunity for musicians of all ages to engage in a rich positive environment that spans beyond socioeconomic status, skill level, or genre of music to primarily focus on the classical development of each student.

Students are exposed to a diverse musical repertoire American band music to jazz, blues to hip-hop, with classical music training at the center of it all. We seek to create a landscape where the impact of classical music integrates a student’s life to inspire creativity, instill self-discipline, and help them find their unique voice.

Students learn the skills needed to become professional artists in a very competitive field, if they so choose, and to become lifelong advocates for the arts.


Board of Directors

Dennis Slaughter, EdM, DLP                                President 

Epp Sonin                                                               Board Member

Evelyn Lee                                                              Board Member

Dr. Peter Barrant                                                  Board Member

Mr. Kerby Roberson                                             Board Member


Advisory Board

Linda F. Nathan

Dr. Melvena Green 

Sharon Robinson-Byrd

Charles Co

Dr. Jounghoon Song

Iliana Chin

Tanya Duncan                                                        


Mariana Green- Hill                                 Music Director

Keith Sanders                                   Artistic Director

Jordan Pettis                                            Secretary

Wanda Smith                                           Financial Consultant

Tanya Duncan                                          Grant Writer

Shahidah Ahmad                                     Administrative  Coordinator

Sharon Robinson- Byrd                          Faculty Representative

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