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The Beginner Program designed to develop the building block skills of intonation, rhythm and theory while instilling confidence and a love of learning in our youngest students. Students through their appreciation of music, enjoy the opportunity to observe their peers in various musical settings, develop great friendships and share what they have experienced with others.

The Intermediate Program, helps students flourish as they move through some of the more intense repertoires musically while developing more in their technical study, music theory and chamber music development. While the majority of their focus in musical studies, we are looking  into expanding  training into  offerings, such as choir, theater arts and dance.  We encourage students to venture outside their comfort zone in an environment where they feel safe to try something new or different. 

The Advanced Program consists mainly of high school-aged students but is not limited by age.  Many in the past are placed based upon skill level, and often contains a multi-aged dynamic, which engages students in a more rich and diverse musical educational experience that combines a strong foundation in core fundamentals with an array of chamber study and non-traditional musical expressions.  Opportunities for exploring personal interests and passions. FSA students get involved in their learning, develop rapidly through Master classes, private lessons and daily jam sessions.  Their inquisitive minds are

well prepared for the next stages of their studies.  

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